Ways to Refer

ExamWorks offers several ways to refer IME service requests directly from your desktop or mobile device, upload medical records, track referrals every step of the way and download final reports.  Our secure systems observe federal privacy guidelines and undergo multiple independent audits, cyber investigations and defense reviews. 

Make an online referral if you are in a hurry. Complete the required fields or provide all the details. There is no need to register.

Registered users access our secure portal for higher volume usage, upload documents, track referrals and download reports.

Enjoy the benefits of streamlined referral submission, form autofill, referral histories and much more.




Ask about agile development services which deliver applications and functionality in accordance with your specifications.



We also support traditional referral methods via DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS, facsimile, in-field service representative, secure e-mail and telephone.