Compliance Center

The ExamWorks Compliance Center is responsible for third-party independent oversight of our company, services and employees. ExamWorks has invested more than $160 million in the protection and hardening of our network to ensure compliance with federal privacy guidelines and earn your trust.


ExamWorks is accredited by URAC for CORE Organizational Quality. URAC is an independent accrediting body for healthcare services. ExamWorks' achievement of CORE Organizational Quality accreditation provides payors, examinees, providers, purchasers, regulators and employers assurances that our practices are quality-focused and fair and equitable for all parties. URAC accreditations are prospective audits, active for three years, and random unannounced audits are conducted periodically.


KPMG has been the auditor of record since the company’s inception. 


ExamWorks built the first secure virtual platform for the IME industry, managing and maintaining its data centers. Our platform and portals undergoe rigorous defense reviews, cyber investigations, and audits to evaluate the security and availability of our network. Dual-mirrored servers help ensure the availability or our system. Encryption and the overall architecture protect company and claimant data alike. We are confident that our system design and goals are aligned with those of our clients.