Enterprise Platform

ExamWorks' Virtual Enterprise Platform as a Service

ExamWorks’ fully-integrated platform incorporates every aspect of an independent medical review service. We manage each step of the process with in-house capabilities all of which are housed in a private cloud network, and are subject to ongoing independent third-party security, healthcare and financial audits. These core capabilities are the heart of every independent medical review service. ExamWorks receives a SOC2® Type II report annually.

Agile Development

ExamWorks' Enterprise Platform Agile Development Services

ExamWorks’ Information Systems Group develops applications and portals, manages integration projects and creates reporting requirements collaboratively to customize workflows for each and every client, all for the price of a independent medical review service.

Information Systems Group

Information Systems Group

Workflow Enhancements

Improving the Customer Experience is an Integral Part of Our Full Service Approach

Ask your account executive about our agile development team which can work with you to develop the business requirements, manage, test and maintain system enhancements that will improve turn around times, ease of use and reporting.

There are many ways to improve workflow and expedite referral processing.

  • Use a single click to refer cases
  • Use a single click to attach records
  • Specify management report fields
  • Modify billing protocols and interfaces
  • Upload medical records in a single bundle
  • Enable bulk record retrieval

We also support traditional referral methods.

  • DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • Facsimile
  • In-field service representative
  • Secure e-mail
  • Telephone 

Contact one of our local service centers directly or send an email to info@examworks.com.

Work Flow Enhancements


We Develop Business-to-Business Portals Housed in Our Private Network

All client accessible applications and portals are designed for maximum uptime per calendar year excluding scheduled maintenance and force majeure events. Redundancy of network, applications, databases and primary back-up power are critical to our architecture for 24x7 availability.

Process and policies include:

  • Failover and Disaster Recovery
  • Backups and Replication
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Change Management
  • Support and Escalation

Our portals and systems undergo deep dive audits by our clients which include a majority of the top property and casualty insurers by market share according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. These independent audits, accredited third-party audits and our self-audit processes ensure best practices are employed to protect company, client and claimant data.


We Develop Business-to-Business Portals Housed in Our Private Network

Private Cloud Network

ExamWorks has a strong security posture that is informed by numerous defense reviews, cyber investigations and related security audits.

ExamWorks conducts pro-active security management such as intrusion detection, monitors all aspects of the network, software and applications and follows codified incident response policies and procedures.

Network penetration tests are also performed routinely. Preventive monitoring and reactive blocking security measures are active components of our security profile.

A Platform Developed for and by IME Professionals

A Platform Developed for and by IME Professionals

ExamWorks pioneered the application of Virtual Private Cloud Computing Network and Platform as a Service for the independent medical examination and review industry in 2008.

ExamWorks’ network and physical infrastructure was designed explicitly to protect confidential and personal health information (PHI) and individually identifiable health information (IIHI). It is a virtual private cloud computing network, not a public or hybrid computing network.  

ExamWorks manages and maintains its own IT Infrastructure which is housed in separate data centers. The data centers are active/active real-time replicas of each other, providing superior disaster recovery capabilities. 

ExamWorks private network provides a consistent and highly secure user experience, regardless of the user’s location or device used.