Case Management


The CaseWorks™ platform allows employers, employees and claims professionals an organized approach to managing the medical well-being of an injured worker, while expediting maximum medical improvement and delivering an expedited return to work.

Utilizing CaseWorks™, either as a stand-alone tool or integrated into your current claims system, can translate into substantial savings for your organization, while offering a true medical recovery solution.

Key features ensure case managers, quality control, billing and account executives are working in sync . CaseWorks ™ has functionality to make current or future adjustments to improve performance standards.

Better Outcomes

ExamWorks case managers work closely with the injured worker, physicians, medical teams and the claims professional to provide direct medical intervention and facilitate the delivery of a quality and cost-effective case management solution.

Our case managers have years of industry experience, exceptional levels of professionalism and outstanding communication skills. They collaborate with quality assurance and other professionals to devise solutions that deliver the best outcome. Bilingual case managers assist injured workers, their families and the health care team to improve outcomes through claimant education and communication.

We provide:

Catastrophic Case Management
Field Case Management
Telephonic Case Management
Vocational Case Management


National Network. Local Support.

We are a national provider of Medicare compliance solutions offering much needed coverage at the local level. Our customers include insurance carriers, employers, excess carriers, and third-party administrators.

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