2018 MSP Reporting and Recovery Thresholds Remain $750


Annie M. Davidson MSP Compliance Counsel

CMS announced it will maintain the existing $750 reporting and recovery thresholds for physical trauma-based liability settlements and for no-fault insurance and workers’ compensation settlements, where the no-fault insurer or workers’ compensation entity does not otherwise have ongoing responsibly for medicals. Settlements of $750 or less are exempt from conditional payment recovery as well as Section 111 reporting, notwithstanding ORM reporting obligations.


Section 202 of the SMART Act requires CMS to assess annually the costs it incurs in collecting Medicare conditional payments versus the amount collected for the purpose of setting a threshold settlement amount whereby the expected conditional payment amount to be collected is more than the cost of collection. In determining the 2018 thresholds, CMS found the estimated cost of collection per Non-Group Health Plan case was approximately $323. The $323 was then compared to the average demand amount per settlement range for liability cases, which is $417.79 and $300-$500 for workers’ compensation and no-fault cases.  CMS analysis supports the determination to keep the thresholds at $750 for 2018.

About the Author

Annie M. Davidson is MSP Compliance Counsel for ExamWorks Clinical Solutions. In her role, Annie provides high-quality legal analysis to ensure the integrity and quality of ExamWorks' Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance services and related products. Prior to joining ExamWorks, Annie practiced as an insurance defense attorney in her native Minnesota where she litigated workers’ compensation and liability insurance cases, particularly those involving MSP issues. She is admitted to practice law in the State of Minnesota and the United States District Court for Minnesota, and is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law. Annie can be reached at annie.davidson@examworks-cs.com or at 651-262-9618.