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An Invitation to Join A Fast Growing Global Industry Pioneer in the Health Care Services Sector

ExamWorks is the leading global provider of independent medical examinations, peer reviews and IME-related services.  We are dedicated to providing the national presence required to serve our clients and the preservation of the local offices where clients receive exceptional service from our credentialed physicians and other allied healthcare professionals. We have 55 service centers throughout the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Our clients include property, casualty and disability insurance companies, legal professionals, third-party administrators, self-insured entities and state and federal agencies. The company's mission is to rely on the local professional presence, enhance quality of service and improve workflow in the independent medical review process.

We are looking for motivated, creative and detail oriented colleagues who thrive in a collaborative environment.

Fast Growing and Dynamic Company and Industry
ExamWorks supplies health care consulting and outsourced management services. The health care services industry is growing and dynamic. We know what fast growth means and welcome candidates who seek high-growth company environments. Our IME Services Platform is the most highly accredited and thoroughly audited in the industry. ExamWorks has invested millions in developing a forward-looking infrastructure for an industry that is critical to the health of the health care services industry. We respect and value all our professionals whose dedication drives our growth. We have opportunities in many disciplines.

Sales and Marketing
Growth in our domestic national account programs and expansion into new geographic regions including Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia are providing market development opportunities in every functional area.  Vertical market programs to serve our diverse client base are also an area of opportunity. If you know the legal, self-insured or TPA industries, there are market development and customer service roles for you.

Information Technology and Information Systems
There are equally exciting opportunities in Information Technology and Information Systems. If you are interested in software development, custom integrations, network development, project management or private cloud computing environments, we have talented professionals with whom you can collaborate. ExamWorks pioneered the development of the IME services industry’s most sophisticated and most widely used virtual private cloud computing network. So if you are interested in state-of-the-art private cloud computing, please apply so you can see why CISCO choose ExamWorks as one of their pilot cloud computing sites.

Medical Professional Recruitment and Credentialing
Our Medical Professional and Allied Health Care Professional Credentialing Services group is critical to the quality behind the recruitment, evaluation and support of our medical panel professionals.  If you have skills in recruiting, applicant evaluation, medical licensing, accreditation and medical records management, we have internal and client facing programs that will interest and challenge you.

Generous Employment and Compensation Packages
We have created exceptional growth opportunities and financial incentive programs in which every employee is a participant.  Please inquire about the opportunity that best suits you. ExamWorks offers comprehensive compensation and benefits including health insurance, flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement accounts, 401k plans, disability and life insurance and stock incentive plans. We encourage you to have a look at our opportunities and submit your resume and credentials.

Opportunities in Every Functional Area

• Customer Service
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Medical Analytics and Forensics
• Operations
• Sales and Marketing

To view our current openings click here.

With a multi-state presence in the U.S., multiple locations in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia we are the most experienced professionals in the independent medical examination services industry. We encourage you to review the opportunities in our network.  We can help you find the best match. With your contribution, we will continue to enhance the quality of our services our customers. Thank you for choosing ExamWorks.

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